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Welcome To The Home Of MORK Clan

Who or What is MORK...

MORK is a community of friends and of gaming comrades. We are, for the most part, a pretty laid back group of guys/gals who want to have fun and get to know each other.

We mainly play the Call of Duty series but also other games as well! We run our Own Dedicated Server Box housed at RedBus House in London, which means we can play what we want, when we want and how we want.

The illustrious history of our clan dates back to the begining of January 2004. I (Fozzie)was playing on the Holyland server and had been doing for a couple of months where I met and befriended two people early on, firstly Dirtstyle and secondly Flava, or should I say [HOLY]Flava{pvt}. Dirtstyle and Fozzie would laugh and joke about the attitude of some of the Holyland members, mainly JETT and decided to, as a joke set up a non-clan clan, where we didn't want to be a clan as such but something different, just to wind up JETT who constantly kicked us or changed it to rifles only without asking anyone, we messed around with names and rules until we came up with the name MORK (This name is still to this day a closely guarded secret with less than 4 people actually knowing its true meaning) more...

MORK is best summed up by our members...

"I am a member of Mork for the friendships and banter. It's a better version of facebook with less c*nts on... playing the games comes second." [MORK]Ardman

"One thing is for sure. I have someone I can call upon near and wide. Some experiences I have had that would not have been without and some yet to come. I aint going anywhere and I am looking forward to and am proud to say I AM A MORK MEMBER. Yes' I have a normal life and yes I have an escape (you know what I mean)" [MORK]Jackdaw

"Yeah was good to see 12-14 people, both public and mork, still on at midnight and still about 8 people on ts!!!!! just the way we want!!!! even da kolonial put his butt plug aside till 11:30!!!!!! biggrin.gif tongue.gif" [MORK]Kilted

"MORK is the best thing i've joined and may it live forever." [MORK]BadAnt




MORK versus The World vWorld... It's a MORK thing.

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